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Chris Smith
Chris Smith, Registered Message Therapist

About Chris

Chris Smith received his diploma in Massage Therapy from D'arcy Lane Institute in London Ontario, becoming a Registered Massage Therapist in 2010.

Born in Nashville Tennessee and raised in Tallahassee Florida, Chris moved to Canada after he married his wife, Tanya, in 2007.

In 2004 Chris was in a traumatic car accident that left three of his friends injured and one dead. In the month following the accident, Chris helped take care of one of those friends, who had a broken leg and was in a wheelchair. Being a part of someone's healing process was instrumental in Chris's decision to go into healthcare. Being hands on, massage therapy interested Chris greatly. It wasn't until he was in school; however, did he realize just how powerful massage could be.

After Chris married Tanya, he became a stepfather to Zane and in 2011 became a father to Derek.

In April 2019, Chris opened his own health and wellness clinic called The Backsmiths. With multiple healthcare practitioners and personal trainers, Chris is able to have an even greater impact on his client’s health and their communities.

When Chris isn't spending time massaging or with his family, he might be found training for his next Obstacle Course Race (OCR), playing with his dogs, seeing the newest flick at the theatre, or playing his favourite video games. Chris also loves delicious food creations and traveling whenever he and his family can.

What can you expect of a massage appointment with Chris Smith?

Chris's focus is on a person's physical and mental wellness with the use of massage therapy. Young or old, big or small, pain or stress, desk work or physical work - massage therapy can be a great tool for just about anyone.

In designing a massage therapy treatment plan that is best for a patient, Chris goes over their health history with them and provides them with a thorough assessment which can include a postural analysis, range of motion testing, specialized orthopaedic tests, and/or palpations to the areas of concern.

The techniques that Chris uses include Swedish Massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, facial release, joint mobilization, stretching, reflex techniques, and the use of hydrotherapy, such as heating pads or cold packs. Ultimately, Chris and his patient will decide which techniques are most appropriate and beneficial for the patient after their assessment.

After a treatment, Chris will provide remedial exercise and home care to the patient so that they may continue making progress on their own. A recommendation will also be made as to when their next massage treatment should be.

chris smith massage services
chris smith massage services
chris smith massage services


Massage Therapy Fees

Initial Visit / Assessment & Massage $80

120 Minutes


90 Minutes


60 Minutes


45 Minutes


30 Minutes


15 Minutes


30% off children 12 years old and younger.

Hot Stone Therapy

A whole body, holistic massage that incorporates hot stone
placement, massage, aromatherapy and chakra balancing.

75 Minutes


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